Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer is Closing

The air is rolling in cooler at night-time now and we are enjoying being able to snuggle under blankets and wear warmer clothes. We are so looking forward to bringing Hazel to her first fair this year, we plan on going to the Deerfield, NH Fair as well as the Fryeburg,ME Fair!

Hazel is doing great she is just over 14 months old, weighing in at 21 lbs and is now running, yes running all over!
She moos for a cow, whooos for an owl, pants like a doggie & meow's like a cat. When you ask her a question she doesn't know the answer to she holds her hands up, palms up and says ga,ga,ga,ga which means "I don't know" It's really cute! She will give you a Hi Five, Shake your hand and give you lots of raspberries and she can also do fishy lips! She says Hi all the time and just this past week she said MaMa to me and patted me on the chest. It only happened a couple times on one day. But I hope she starts to call us mama and dada on a regular basis soon!
She is so happy, ticklish and laughing all the time. She is loving music and can't help but dance when we put the music on. She follows mommy (me) around like a little puppy and gets angry when I go to the bathroom without her, she whacks the door and cries for me :( Sad but also nice to be loved so much. She has taken to pulling on daddy's clothes and toting him around the house, it's really cute. She is still teething a lot and it's sad but she has eight teeth now and we are so proud of her every day! We love you all!
p.s. I've added new photos to the Hazel Year 2 Album.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Teeny Tiny!

So I was reading my sister-in-laws blog tonight and she mentioned loving little body parts! And it made me think of my own daughter and just how much I love all her teeny tiny parts! I remember when we brought her home and I'd lay her on the bed and hold her feet to my cheeks, how soft and tiny they were! And now even though she is now walking and her feet get sticky in this New England humidity, ("froggie feet" we call them). I still put her feet to my cheeks and kiss them and it makes her giggle! I love all her little parts from her belly button ("be boo" as the little hippo calls it in her belly button book) which she has discovered recently and pulls her shirt up all the time to show us, to her little fingers and toes! We love to play "this little piggy" with her toes too!  I love being her mom and knowing that all these tiny parts were made right inside me and that she is a part of me! I love watching all her little parts grow, I just hope they don't grow too fast, already it's flying by.

Here is a slideshow of pix to enjoy all her teeny tiny parts that I love so much :)
click the photo to see them:

Friday, July 29, 2011

13 Months

I know it's been a long time since I've posted to the blog, I've been trying to find the easiest method and place to keep all the photos and videos of Hazel where everyone can view them anytime. I tried the website but the photo uploads were ridiculously long so I deleted the website added some tabs/pages to the blog here and you can check back anytime to see if there are new photos or videos!

Wow! Our little bobbin is 13 months old. She is getting "SO BIG" 

We are all having a wonderful summer, we had a nice visit in June for Hazel's Birthday from Jayson and Wendy with Grandpa and Grandma Maslowski. Grampy & Nana Soucy also came up as well as Grammie Bagley & Aunt Jessica! It was a very busy few days and we all had a wonderful time!
 Hazel has also had a couple of chances to use one of her new pools! Since we have had some very, very warm days recently. She saw bubbles for the first time and was having fun chasing them. 
The 4th of July was especially fun this year being her first time at the Soucy family cookout! She got to see the famous Soucy Canon go off and the big BANG didn't even scare her! She loved playing with Grampy & Nana's Dog Angel and also playing with all of her cousins. You can't beat all the ribs, chicken, salads and strawberry shortcake either! We didn't do any fireworks this year since they were way, way past her bedtime. She was so tuckered out by the end of the day too!
She is doing really good with walking and running all over the house and yard! She is just loving reading books lately and especially being read to!

We hope you are all doing great and having a wonderful summer yourselves!


Friday, February 25, 2011

8 Months!

I can't believe Hazel is 8 months old! Everyday I look at her and can't believe how much she has grown. Our little bobbin is getting so big yet still so small :) Just the way we like her! She is doing so great; crawling everywhere, she ventures off the blanket that covers the living room floor and gets into the kitchen and (because she is in feety jammies with no traction all the time since it's still winter) she pushes herself backwards sliding, it's really cute! Kazia (furpants) doesn't seem to be afraid of her, Hazel got her tail yesterday but she didn't get mad. We've been keeping a close eye on them to make sure we don't have any kitty baby fights on accident. She has also been working on standing since the week after she started crawling!

Yesterday and today she has been pulling herself up into standing positions using my legs the couch anything. We have even caught her standing holding onto her toy basket handle with only one hand! I think she is going to be an early walker! She is loving her solid foods and gobbling up lots of peas and carrots and sweet potatoes. We have been waiting for her to get good at sitting up and not falling over to try her out sitting in the shopping cart! We did it this week at Wal-Mart and she loved it! She is also loving her weekly visits from Grandma & Grandpa Maslowski and her visits to Grammie Bagley's house! We are traveling down to Ipswich, MA to visit with Grampy & Nanna Soucy this weekend, can't wait to see them!

We love and miss you all!
Enjoy the new pictures and videos of our little lady below!

  Rachel, Jarek, Hazel and Kazia

Just love this face!

Naked Flying Baby into the Bath!



She loves the new Tub! Thanks Uncle Roger, Aunt Kyle & Cousin Roger!!

Waking up Daddy!

1st time sitting in the shopping cart!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

6 Actually 7Month Check-UP!

Hazel had her 6 month check-up today! It was postponed so she is actually 7 months old now. 7 MONTHS OLD, I can't believe it either :). We had more snow during the night too and we got up late also. So we were going to be late to the Doctors. I called and they said if we were more than 15 min late that we would have to reschedule. So we decided to keep driving and try and make it. We made it 20 min late. But we were in the building so they couldn't turn us away. Hey I'd already rescheduled this appointment once and was pushed out a whole month. I guess January is a busy month for pediatricians. So her Doc agreed to see her and make the rest of his day 15 minutes behind schedule. I thanked everyone there for getting us in! She did so well this time. (her 4 month check up she started screaming 5 minutes in when the nurse was measuring her head, and she screamed the whole visit.)
So this time she did really well: weighed in at 16 lbs 1 ounce which is the 30th percentile. She measured in at 25 3/4" which is the 25th percentile for height. And her head measured 42.7cm which is the 50th percentile for Head Circumference. Then the doctor did his exam and he let me hold her on my lap the whole time! It was awesome, kept her totally calm. Then he even gave her the shots on my lap. He was fast as lightening. She screamed but was easily consoled with hugs and kisses and toys of course. We are so proud of our little lady, she did so well today! He said she is growing well! Also he wants me to ween her off the night time feeding at 3am. She is not going to be happy! Mommy and Daddy will be hiding under our pillows tonight! She is doing great wiggling and scooting backwards all the time. She props herself up on one bum cheek to look behind her. When we sit her up she can hold it for a minute or two until something distracts her and she falls over :) We are staying nice and cozy warm this winter hope you all are too!


Rachel, Jarek & Hazel oh & the FurPants!